Four Thirteen Suites-The model of perfect application the Hotel Lock Pro

//Four Thirteen Suites-The model of perfect application the Hotel Lock Pro

Four Thirteen Suites-The model of perfect application the Hotel Lock Pro

Four Thirteen Suites is the first model of perfect application Hotel Lock Pro, including the KAHN e-hangers, doorbel and RFID cards.
As it locates in the busy street in Coron, Four Thirteen Suites’ occupancy rate keeps at an average of about 80% yearly.
Frequent use requires high quality locks. Since we visit there the KAHN lock already keep using over 7 months.

Doorbell is used very much

The first impression we return visit Four Thirteen Suites is that the doorbell is used very much than our imagine.
Why?-The bubble on lock itself tells us!
Actually there is a transparent film on the surface of operating panle of C5. This film should be removed when the lock installed finished and ready to use for customers.
Four Thirteen Suites didn’t remove the transparent film because they worry about the scratch on surface. When the lock manufactured in KAHN, the film is tightly attached to the surface, even not easily detectable.

The reason why it appears has only one- It been pressed(touched) too many times.
Maybe over 10 thousands times contacts on surface.

doorbell is used very much


KAHN e-Hangers is liked.

Four Thirteen Suites completely give up using the old and poor common door hangers. They uses KAHN e-hangers as daily mark.
Customers also can use e-hangers correctly.

KAHN e-hanger is an innovation

To our surprise, they even saved the room number.
Because there is no door hangers on lock, they uses the level handle position to hang a room number.
We suggested that put a real room number on the door.

Never replaced batteries in the past 7 months.

KAHN Hotel Lock Pro’s power consume is much more higher than regular hotel door locks.
The doorbell, e-hangers(electronized door hangers) are both need huge battery power.
However Four Thirteen Suites never changed new batteries in the past 7 months since KAHN lock installed. That is because KAHN Hotel Lock pro uses a unique technology- Auto Wakeup engine.

Auto Wakeup engine could help lock saving energy in deep night when there is no body using it.
Seven months is certainly not the maximum limit for the PRO, and we hope to reach 10-12 months.

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