Millenium Suite Hotel-KAHN C5 Landed in Africa

//Millenium Suite Hotel-KAHN C5 Landed in Africa

Millenium Suite Hotel-KAHN C5 Landed in Africa

The KAHN C5’s first project in Africa was in the Republic of Guinea-Millenium Suite Hotel.

KAHN C5 is favored by luxury hotel

As a luxury hotel locates in the heart of Guinea, Millenium Suite Hotel existing in a special style.Although the hotel has only 80 rooms, each room is luxuriously decorated and equipped with all kinds of facilities.

It also scores highly on popular hotel review sites on tripadvisor


KAHN C5 impressed Millenium Suite

C5’s DNA is different with any other existing hotel door lock in this world.After got a sample of C5, Millenium suite hotel was impressed by its unique style and the hotel owner agrees with KAHN’s cognition of the value of modern hotel locks.Very soon they decided use it on all of the 80 rooms.

Upgrade to Next Gen Directly

However,before KAHN C5, Millenium Suite already used a IC type smart card hotel lock for a couple of years.

The Magnetic card hotel lock is not fit for the times now and Millenium Suite decided directly upgrade to KAHN’s NextGen.

Millenium Suite choosed directly upgrade to Next Gen, with the help by KAHN.

s. It is a magstripe card hotel lock.So they uninstall all old locks. To allow C5 fit on the doors with a pretty look, we make customized steel board to cover the old holes which over the panel range of C5.



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