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About us

KAHN is a registered trademark of PRIMACY INTERNATIONAL in Europe

Brand meaning

K-Keeping, we always keeping moving
A-Attentiveness, we just want to make the best in our lifetime
H-Honest, we never cheat on our customers.
N-Newfangled, Innovation leads us forward.

A Long-Term Observer

To make a groundbreaking product, we did not rush to grab a market share with an ordinary. Instead, we observed the market for many years to get to know every strength and weakness of all available hotel locks. We noticed that this market had been in desperate of upgrades. The situation of product homogeneity and development stagnancy is austere. All hotel locks cannot break through the current situation and bring a new experience to customers. Facing such multiple choices of ‘no choice’, hotels are stuck in confusion and fatigue and cannot make decisions.

As a long-term observer, we pay attention to the unfulfilled client needs—all because the need is about iterations. There will always be further needs.

12 Years Point of Use Experience

Most of our team members have more than 10-year electronic hotel door locks professional experience—the longest is 12 years in product development and sales experience.

We know well the key points of use. From the hardware and system design, we focused on the pain points of users and avoided many unreasonable and user-unfriendly design. We have saved the ramp-up times.

Also, in order to provide mature plans to our customers, after the confirmation of the project, we spent a lot of time on the research of new principle technologies. We have the experience and patience to make the best product.

Intellectual Property

The production of professional hotel lock is our exclusive concept. We have applied for a patent for this product in China and are applying for a global patent.


Our products are designed in Europe in order to realize mass production based on China’s supply chain advantages. All of the components are produced according to strict independent quality control standards.



In Europe and the United States, the hotel industries develop slowly due to their conservative ideology. Thus, our innovative products are aimed at the emerging hotel markets as well as the replacement markets in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. In these markets, the managers of emerging hotels can more easily accept new things and will not be resistant to innovative products. The goal of our company is not to launch many mediocre products, but to produce the best products. Thus, we will only design one kind of hotel locks, but it will be, by far, the best one. Our ultimate goal is to extend the concept of PRO to the global hotel industry—thus, all hotels will be able to benefit from the technological developments, which will encourage the progress of the entire industry.

History of Hotelockpro


May 3

2018 May- 4th week

2018 May- 4th week
The first Pro sample reached in Nigeria. -‘Very good product,..Read More