//KAHN in Construction Magazine Apr-Jun 2018

KAHN in Construction Magazine Apr-Jun 2018

D+C is a design and construction magazine.

It collects various designers, design concepts and architectural products.KAHN’s Hotel Lock Pro concept-Professional and Simple, are very consistent with the future development of the hotel constructions, providing a clear direction for the trend of the entire industry.

KAHN believes that the future of hotel architecture should be high-tech, but also intelligent and environmentally friendly.
Modern electronic equipment cannot be piled up blindly, which will result in a huge increase in energy consumption.In the future, buildings should live in harmony with the natural environment.

Hotel Lock Pro’s high technology isn’t simply a collection of features, it’s an epoch-making product that balances functionality and environmental costs.
After the publication of the magazine advertisement, many architectural designers contacted KAHN, and we hope to broadcast ┬áthe PRO’s concept to more hotels with the help of designers’ recognition of our directions, so that hotels can achieve functional improvement and keep friendly to the environment.

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