KAHN Hotel Lock Pro First Show in Thailand

//KAHN Hotel Lock Pro First Show in Thailand

KAHN Hotel Lock Pro First Show in Thailand

The demand for hotel locks in Thailand is growing yearly.

As a tourist attraction in southeast Asia, in the past 10 years, there were a lots hotels was built and put running.

In the recent 5 years, tourists from China growing very fast and many hotels plan build more.
Because of that,  an important battleground in the World Hotel lock industry is thailand.

This is the first time KAHN C5 appeared in thailand expo.

Secutech Thailand 8-10 November opened in Bangkok.
This is a technology expo about security such as smart buildings.
RFID,fingerprint,pincode, the main automation and smart building technology products could be found in secutech expo.

C5 Show on Secutech Thailand 2018KAHN C5 Bronze in Secutech Thailand 2018

KAHN C5 attended as an RFID hotel use door lock.

Many RFID Door Locks appeared in expo.

As an important parts of security filed, many different styles RFID door locks appear in this expo.There are USA brand, China mainland, and Taiwan brands.
They are RFID door locks for home, office and hotels.

KAHN C5’s unique DNA is different with any other competitors.
We put 2 models (silver and bronze) in booth, 1 for demo show, another one for operating and studying.

There is no new blood in RFID hotel door locks for many years in Thailand.
Every year in various expo of thailand, the all locks for hotel are almost same. They just be there year by year.People are already tired of that yearly locks.
As an NEW species RFID door lock for hotels,C5 attracted a lots of people because they never seen such an advanced hotel door lock ever before.
They like its innovation functions and studying hardly how to use it well.

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