KAHN in Hotel Suppliers Show 2017 Fall

//KAHN in Hotel Suppliers Show 2017 Fall

KAHN in Hotel Suppliers Show 2017 Fall

Hotel Suppliers show is a professional products and services showcase of hospitality industry.

Many famouse products and services join the show.


Various brands attended the exhibition such as WMF- the Kitchen and kitchenware, Sharp-the display solutions, HP- the printers in hotels .

Hotel door lock is one of so many different fields of hotel suppliers.

As a new hotel lock brand. KAHN presented the Next Gen hotel door lock product-C5.


C5 is KAHN’s major product- The Professional hotel door lock (Hotel lock Pro).
This is the first time Pro has been made public since its inception on April 2017.

Booth AD(Left wall) in Hotel Suppliers Show 2017

Booth AD(Right wall) in Hotel Suppliers Show 2017

Unlike traditional hotel locks, Pro offers a brandnew user experience. In the 3 days, Hotel Lock Pro attracted the attention of many visitors.
People always express a strong interest in new things.
They stopped and observed, touched the doorbell with their hands and asked how to use the electronic indicators.

According to the on the last day, more than 200 visitors registered their purchase intention or left their contact information.
Pro has succeeded in making many people realize it and like it.
This is KAHN Hotel lock Pro’s success. Thanks to the Hotel Suppliers show 2017.


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